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Meet Reham

Educator | Coach | Mentor

Hi, my name is Reham. Welcome to my classroom!

​Teaching has always been a passion of mine, be it explaining a concept or engaging people in colorful discussions. Ever since my younger brothers were homeschooled, I pitched in where I could, math equations, science experiments, literature quizzes, the whole deal. In 2020 I started teaching virtually and by 2021 was delivering full English Language Arts and Literature courses to students from the UAE, USA, Canada, Turkey, & Oman. In 2022, I started teaching in-person, and it has only grown from there!

It took me a while to get a hang of making all the material myself and being challenged to my limits to make content doable, interactive, and overall fun for my students, especially for keeping virtual and in-person spaces as individualistic as possible. Often, it is not what you are using but how you are using it that makes kids love or dislike the subject. I offer a variety of mentoring to students that are homeschooled or just want to add my courses as a supplement to their learning. In addition to teaching and mentoring, I coach students for competitive debate and speech along with skill-oriented workshops. To know more about my background, checkout my profile below!


✨ Testimonials ✨


Mia Balansag, Founder of Abu Dhabi EnviroMom, EduTech Mentor

“Reham’s passion for teaching shines through with her well-thought out student-centered courses backed with solid academic content. My children, aged 8 & 12, enrolled English, Language and Arts courses with her from Feb- May 2021, where Reham delivered rich content in an engaging manner by leveraging technology. What also impressed me is that Reham can incorporate global issues of social injustice, history and environmental sustainability. She breaks down complex topics into digestible chunks, and pace appropriately to the children’s capability.”


Nyda, parent, Clonlara Off-Campus

"Reham serves not just as a teacher who delivers content, she facilitates and nurtures the potential within the child, making learning a very interesting journey."


Zaynab, student, Clonlara Off-Campus

"Ms. Reham has been the coolest teacher I have ever had, she makes the classes a lot of fun and I always look forward to the next class!"


Doaa, parent, homeschooler

"Reham I would like to thank you for everything you did and are still doing for my daughter. You are an amazing tutor. I loved your performance, your skill, your passion for teaching, and your innovative way of teaching. My daughter is always waiting for your session with longing and eagerness to talk and study with you; she can never stop talking about you. Keep going and all the best for you dear!"


Sabah Y, parent, ELA supplement

"Reham, I can't thank you enough for igniting a passion for writing in my daughters. They look forward to your classes because of the unique and innovative way you teach. Their schoolteachers very quickly noticed an improvement in their breadth of vocabulary as well as speed and confidence in writing. The girls' favorite session thus far was the Gruffalo Party!"

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