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The World Around Me

Age group: 8-12 years old

Subject: Science & art

Schedule: Every Wednesday of August

Time: 4pm-5:30/6pm

Venue: Home

Fee: AED 300/month & everyone can bring snacks

Lesson breakdown:

  • The Animal Kingdom - classification & taxonomy 

  • Fossils - what fossils tell us & its history

  • The Solar System - learning about the universe


  • Folder

  • Colors/markers

  • Sketch paper/a3 paper

  • Google Classroom

How our classes will be conducted:

  • 1 in person session a week

  • Interactive classes with games, crafts, and engaging material

  • We will be using the Come Learn With Me science and art series to supplement our learning along + digital resources (multiple choice questions, jeopardy games) + printed material

  • I plan to have students make and complete things in class as well as have them do some work at home to bring the following week.

Any questions? Email me: 

Team Building Session

The Art of Speech

Age group: 8-12 & 13-16 years old (grouped)

Subject: Speech

Schedule: Every Monday of August

Time: 10am SHARP - 11:30/12pm

Venue: The Bridge Hub, Bin Al Jisrain

Fee: AED 500 for month + venue snack and drink AED 45


  • Bring notebook & folder

  • Writing tools

  • Google Classroom

Overall course breakdown (for August & beyond):

  • Basics of speech

  • Confidence building in speech

  • Positive affirmations reinforcement

  • Short exercises (elevator pitch, introductions, etc)

  • Take-home research assignments

  • Pacing, tone, projection exercises

  • Speech outlining & writing

  • Model United Nations style speech work

  • & more

Any questions? Email me:

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